‘Grondvormen’ is a collaboration between designers Sander Boeijink, Nienke Sybrandy and Jeroen Wand. We got to know each other at the Sandberg Institute. We discovered, working together, that the three of us get to broader ideas than on our own. We each have our own discipline, but share a fascination for the archetype or cliché. Together we discover new possibilities in everyday things. It starts with a primal form and ends with a thing that is unique in its kind. Typical materials are wood, glass and flora

The “Flower Cross” is a parody of the disappearing phenomenon of the flower parade called ‘Bloemencorso’. Participants in this mini float-car autocross may decorate a radio-controlled car and thereby participate in the race. Unlike a flower parade, the fastest car wins not the most beautiful one. After all, it is impossible to rank the aesthetic value of the individual creations. Exhausted and damaged, the cars come to a standstill after the finish, like classic flower still lifes, a historic symbol for transiency.

Material: radio controlled cars, flowers
Location: Kunstvlaai Amsterdam
Year: 2008

Photography: Studio Jeroen Wand

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