“Familiar materials can suddenly provide us with new insights, just by taking them out of their original context, by reviewing and reusing them in a different situation. Even the cheapest materials have an aesthetic quality that designers can use.” Jeroen Wand

Studio Jeroen Wand was founded by Jeroen Wand in 2007. The studio specializes in interior design, furniture and products for private clients, business and the industry.



Studio Jeroen Wand creates products, objects and installations that challenge the established order. The studio explores the dynamic raw and unpolished part of design, stimulating the search for alternative forms of what is to be considered beautiful or agreeable. The designs of the studio are not conventional and compliant, but go beyond the predictable.

Studio Jeroen Wand alters, reinvents and modifies traditional combinations of materials and techniques, culminating into unconventional production processes, such as paper laminating or plaster rotation moulding. The works of the studio are the result of experiment and research where the method of production directly influences the form and function.

Jeroen Wand (1985) studied product design at the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL). In 2008 he graduated with an MA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (NL). Currently, Jeroen Wand lives and works in Eindhoven.



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